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National Passive Fire Protection, Fire Door and Refurbishment Specialists

Salus Industries have gained a superb reputation within the building industry for passive fire protection and property development. Integrity, technical expertise and excellent workmanship propel us into the status of an industry leader.

Our strong ethical standards, discretion and capabilities, coupled with the highest quality of products are the reason we have not only worked with conventional construction companies, but also with end clients, architects, facilities organisations, high security sectors and even fellow Fire Protection companies.

Skills & Services

Salus Industries have gained a superb reputation within the construction industry for Passive Fire Protection and Internal Refurbishments throughout the UK.

Excellent workmanship, professionalism, product quality and technical expertise are what help us create strong ties with all of our clients and supply partners.

Regardless of building type or environment, we are able to help you meet your fire protection legal obligations, save your buildings and ultimately help save lives. Our specialism gave us the knowledge to naturally progress over the years into the internal refurbishment of residential and commercial buildings and provide a range of bespoke services to new and existing customers.

Our Services

Fire Compartmentation, known as passive fire stopping, is the sealing of openings that have been created which allow the passage of services, such as plastic and metal pipes, ducts, cables, cable trays etc. through a structure.

A building is sub-divided into areas called fire compartments, which, in the event of a fire, can contain it for a given period of time, giving the occupants time to escape, and firefighting services the crucial time to attend.

Unless fire compartment walls or floors are sealed with the correct resistant or reactive products by a certified company like ourselves, a void can allow the passage of toxic gasses, smoke and fire throughout a building.

Our fire stopping compartmentation services below prevent these life-threatening hazards…

Fire Stopping Compartments, pipe closers, wraps, coated boards, intumescents etc.

Fire Stopping Surveys

Fire Damper Install, Surveys & Service

AOV (Automatic Opening Vents) Install & Service

Air Sealing

Fire Barriers Fibrous & Thin Film

Fire Doors are amongst the most well-known forms of stopping fire from passing through a building and it’s corridors. Existing fire doors can warp, bow, drop and break and if left unchecked and not maintained to the correct standard are left ineffective during a fire. New doors need to be installed to the highest standard. We provide complete door solutions…

Fire Door Installation

Fire Door Refurbishment

Bespoke Fire Door Manufacture

Heritage Door Maintenance

Heritage Door Matching

Fire Door Observational & Sympathetic, Partially Invasive Surveys

Structural fire protection products wrap, encase or coat structural steel to insulate the supporting steel or structural elements which form the backbone of your building. These can take the form of rigid gypsum silicate boards, rock fibre boards or intumescent paint coatings which expand on contact with fire or excessive heat. These structures would otherwise buckle, melt, crumble or even explode if a fire were able to attack them directly.

Lightweight steel structures especially are susceptible to failure at temperatures as low as 500 - 550 degree C. Structural steel, underside of concrete floors and many other structural load bearing elements within a building can be protected in a number of ways. As specialists in structural fire protection we are able to provide the following…

Solid Board Structural Steel Protection

Intumescent Paint

Sprayed on Fire Protection

Fibre Board Steel Protection

Impact Board Fire Protection Concrete Structure (i.e. Car Parks & High Risk Areas)

Being able to offer our various supply and installation services makes up a large part of Salus Industries.

However, just like the car you drive, maintaining those products and installations is absolutely vital. Not only will it potentially save you the client possible further expense, it will ensure that your building remains compliant.

We offer a comprehensive solution so you know exactly where the installations are, what they are, the products used, testing behind the products and much more. Salus help you before your building or refurbishment concept starts, all the way through to maintaining your fire protection thereafter, through our following services:

Digital Recording of Surveys & Installations

Specification & Design Advice

Understanding Fire Protection

Training Presentations / Seminars

Co-ordination Services

Maintenance and repair of your fire protection systems

Our Journey

Passive fire protection takes many forms to keep your building standing and divide it into fire compartments to stop fire and toxic gasses from escaping. Since the beginning, Salus Industries' focus was to save lives aiming to do so in a way that was ethical, professional and positive for the environment.

As a business, we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge within manufacturing, specification, design and contracting. With an expert knowledge of the physics, make up, test parameters and application capabilities of a wide variety of products and systems, we put this knowledge to good use on your projects.

After years of success we have created a paradigm shift in how passive fire protection is viewed, we are a third party accredited and certified company, we now provide our services across UK & Europe with established offices in Manchester city centre and Oxford.

Years of experience