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Delivering Projects Within Budget Is Vital To Both Ourselves & Our Clients. Keeping The Costs Down For Clients Is Something We Strive For.

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Project Sequences & Timescales Are Integral To Delivering A Successful Build. We Work With Clients To Ensure We Deliver On-Time Every Time.


Salus Industries Fire Protection



Passive fire protection takes many forms to keep your building standing and divide it into fire compartments to stop fire and toxic gasses from escaping. Since the beginning, Salus Industries’ focus was to save lives aiming to do so in a way that was ethical, professional and positive for the environment.

As a business, we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge within manufacturing, specification, design and contracting. With an expert knowledge of the physics, make up, test parameters and application capabilities of a wide variety of products and systems, we put this knowledge to good use on your projects.

After years of success we have created a paradigm shift in how passive fire protection is viewed, we are a third party accredited and certified company, we now provide our services across UK & Europe with established offices in Manchester city centre and Oxford.